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The Changing Global Internet Service Infrastructure

Michael F. Schwartz, John S. Quarterman

Explains the necessity for measurement of Internet growth so thatcapacity, commercial potential, etc. may be planned and assessed. Arguesthat this cannot be measured merely by…

Support of Research and Development Activities Via the Internet: NASA’s Access Mechanism

Denise Duncan, Curtis Generous, Judy F. Hunter

Describes an information retrieval system prototype currently usedto support NASA R&D. Suggests lessons learnt may be applied to otheraudiences. Discusses the implications of the…

Dear Mr. President: A Story of Misinformation Distribution in Cyberspace

Dennis W. Viehland

Relates how the Electronic Mailing List for the US ExecutiveInformation Systems Special Interest Group (EISSIG) was confused for theClinton administration′s Office of Electronic…

NREN and the National Infrastructure: A Personal Vision

Fred W. Weingarten

Examines the political/economic background behind the NationalResearch and Educational Network (NREN) and the proposed NationalInformation Infrastructure (NII). Points out that…

Networked Information Retrieval Tools in the Academic Environment: Towards a Cybernetic Library

George H. Brett

Presents the Internet paradox of an information surfeit causingintelligence impoverishment, “information pollution”.Reviews some methods and literature associated with…

Speculations on the Impact of Global Electronic Networks on Human Cognition and Human Organization

Michael S. Nilan

For “Global”, read “USA”. Examines therelationship between dominant communication technologies, humancognition and human organization. Concludes that electronic networkshave a…

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