Internet Research: Volume 3 Issue 2


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Developing the National Communications and Information Infrastructure

Mitchell Kapor, Daniel J. Weitzner

Discusses the importance of developing a national (USA)communication and information infrastructure that meets near‐term needsand capabilities. Describes the current status of…

A Pathfinder to Core Resources for Network Users

Joe Ryan

Identifies key activities that network users can perform in orderto use the network effectively. Offers recommended reading, frombeginner to expert user status. Explains some…

Development of a Community Information Service: The National Capital Area Public Access Network (CapAccess)‐A Work in Progress

R. Taylor Walsh

Outlines the development of Capital Area Public Access (CapAccess)in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Focuses on the coalition oforganizations and individuals, whose voluntary…

Broadband‐ISDN: Personal Connections to Global Resources

Geradine M. Kaman

Discusses the telecommunications infrastructure of the USA andissues surrounding its restructuring. Describes the role and impact ofbroadband Integrated Services Digital Network…

Spreading the ILLINET: A Distributed Network for Library Resource Sharing in Illinois

Johan Zeeman, Dennis MacKinnon

Describes the development of a plan to facilitate library resourcesharing in Illinois by means of a decentralized network architecturebased on TCP/IP communications and the Z39.50…

The Blacksburg Electronic Village

Joseph A. Wiencko

Describes a project to link an entire town in the USA with acomprehensive “twenty‐first century” telecommunicationsinfrastructure. Argues that this is a prototype for…

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