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Five-star or thumbs-up? The influence of rating system types on users’ perceptions of information quality, cognitive effort, enjoyment and continuance intention

Chi-Wen Chen

Recent years have witnessed the development of a variety of rating systems but the authors have little knowledge about their impact on users’ perceptions of information quality…


E-WOM messaging on social media: Social ties, temporal distance, and message concreteness

Yung Kyun Choi, Yuri Seo, Sukki Yoon

The purpose of this paper is to explore the intentions to share electronic word-of-mouth (E-WOM) messages on social media websites depending on tie strength, perceptions of…


Understanding location-based services users’ privacy concern: An elaboration likelihood model perspective

Tao Zhou

The purpose of this paper is to draw on the elaboration likelihood model to examine location-based services (LBS) users’ privacy concern.


How does media richness contribute to customer loyalty to mobile instant messaging?

Fan-Chen Tseng, T.C.E. Cheng, Kai Li, Ching-I Teng

No studies in the extant literature have explored the role of media richness, i.e., the ability of media to enhance understanding among communication partners in a timely manner…


Understanding mobile banking individual performance: The DeLone & McLean model and the moderating effects of individual culture

Carlos Tam, Tiago Oliveira

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effects of Hall’s cultural dimension on the mobile banking (m-banking) individual performance in the m-banking post-adoption stage.


What factors satisfy e-book store customers? Development of a model to evaluate e-book user behavior and satisfaction

Li-Chun Huang, Wen-Lung Shiau, Ya-Hsuan Lin

Although the use of e-book readers has become increasingly widespread, there are few studies to evaluate e-book user behavior and satisfaction with commercial e-book stores, and…


A trust-risk perspective on social commerce use: an examination of the biasing role of habit

Samira Farivar, Ofir Turel, Yufei Yuan

Social commerce websites have emerged as new platforms which integrate social media features with traditional commerce aspects to enhance users’ purchasing experience. The purpose…


A systematic literature review on opinion types and sentiment analysis techniques: Tasks and challenges

Atika Qazi, Ram Gopal Raj, Glenn Hardaker, Craig Standing

The purpose of this paper is to map the evidence provided on the review types, and explain the challenges faced by classification techniques in sentiment analysis (SA). The aim is…


Anxiety about electronic data hacking: Predictors and relations with digital privacy protection behavior

Jon D. Elhai, Jason C. Levine, Brian J. Hall

Despite concerns about digital privacy, little is known about emotional distress about data hacking and surveillance incidents. The purpose of this paper is to examine variables…


Using multistage competing risks approaches to model web page transitions

Patrick Mair, Horst Treiblmaier, Paul Benjamin Lowry

The purpose of this paper is to present competing risks models and show how dwell times can be applied to predict users’ online behavior. This information enables real-time…

Managing online creativity for improving innovation performance

Wen-Pin Tien, Colin C.J. Cheng

Building on the socio-cultural theory and the climate literature, the purpose of this paper is to examine: how to effectively manage computer-mediated platforms to improve…


Predictive value of video-sharing behavior: sharing of movie trailers and box-office revenue

Sehwan Oh, Hyunmi Baek, JoongHo Ahn

The purpose of this paper is to examine whether the sharing of movie trailers on video-sharing social media has an impact on box-office revenue.


Examining e-loyalty towards online shopping platforms: The role of coupon proneness and value consciousness

Xiabing Zheng, Matthew Lee, Christy M.K. Cheung

Existing research has long considered e-loyalty as a key to the success of online shopping. The purpose of this paper is to advance the theoretical understanding of e-loyalty by…

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