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Construction and validation of an e‐lifestyle instrument

Chian‐Son Yu

The purpose of this paper is to construct and validate an e‐lifestyle scale.


Who needs cyberspace? Examining drivers of needs in Second Life

Stuart J. Barnes, Andrew D. Pressey

Human needs and motivation are a central tenet of marketing discourse. In this exploratory study we attempt to understand the factors that drive individuals' higher‐order human…


Internet/e‐business technologies acceptance in Canada's SMEs: an exploratory investigation

Princely Ifinedo

This study aims at contributing to the discussion related to what causes Canadian small and medium‐size enterprises (SMEs) to be reticent about accepting internet and e‐business…


Recommendations from a virtual community as a catalytic agent of travel decisions

Edward C.S. Ku

The research goal of this study was to determine how flow experience and perceived behavioral control (PBC) affect participation behavior in the backpackers' forum.


Developing a B2B web site effectiveness model for SMEs

Chad Lin, Yu‐An Huang, Rosemary Stockdale

The study examines SMEs' investment in B2B web sites and the relationship between organizational drivers such as adoption readiness and constraints and evaluation of investments…


Virtual store layout effects on consumer behaviour: Applying an environmental psychology approach in the online travel industry

Emmanouela E. Manganari, George J. Siomkos, Irini D. Rigopoulou, Adam P. Vrechopoulos

The purpose of this paper is to examine the virtual store layout's perceived ease of use effects on consumer behaviour and the perceived differences of two layout patterns most…


Linking generativity and disruptive innovation to conceptualize ICTs

Siddhartha Menon

This paper focuses on two prominent theoretically grounded approaches to this subject matter, namely disruptive innovations and generativity of the internet. This paper seeks to…


Impact of national culture on e‐government development: a global study

Fang Zhao

The main purpose of this paper is to examine empirically whether national culture has an impact on e‐government development in 84 countries around the world.

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