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Commercialization of the Internet/NREN: Introduction

Susan M. Eldred, Michael J. McGill

Among members of the U.S. Internet community, there probably is no single issue causing more debate than the commercialization of this “network of networks.” Few will dispute that…

Whither Regional Networks?

Alison Brown

The burning question for state/regional networks at present is deciding who the “thou” in the above quotation represents. Is it the NSF, the NREN, or, in the case of Bill…


Commercialization of the Internet

Allan H. Weis

The Internet is undergoing a major paradigm shift. The factors influencing this shift, the commercial models that are emerging, and the resulting constraints that accompany these…

Selling Internet Service: An Ancient Art Form on a New Canvas

Joel H. Maloff

The Internet is a rapidly expanding community, adding many new converts daily. Although initially the domain of computer scientists and network engineers, the Internet and…

Commercialization and the Commercial Internet Exchange: How the CIX Can Help Further the Commercialization of the Internet

Susan Estrada

An important factor affecting the successful commercialization of the Internet will be cooperation and open exchange of ideas regarding a range of networking issues. The…

Tort Liability, the First Amendment, Equal Access, and Commercialization of Electronic Networks

Henry H. Perritt

America's movement to a digital network infrastructure may be threatened by the unavailability of high‐speed network channels to some sources of information. One reason for…

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