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Table Of Contents: Volume 2 Issue 1

The X.500 Directory Service: A Discussion of the Concerns Raised by the Existence of a Global Directory

Julia M. Hill

The X.500 Directory Service is one of the most important tools ever produced for network users. It is the enabling mechanism for a revolution in communications among…

Accessing Information on the Internet

George H. Brett

This special issue of Electronic Networking: Research, Applications and Policy focuses on the issues of networked information retrieval and on specific tools for…

HYTELNET as Software for Accessing the Internet: A Personal Perspective on the Development of HYTELNET

Peter Scott

The “community” of computers commonly referred to as the Internet contains vast amounts of information useful to librarians, scholars, networkers, businesspeople…

World‐Wide Web: The Information Universe

Tim Berners‐Lee, Robert Cailliau, Jean‐François Groff, Bernd Pollermann

The World‐Wide Web (W3) initiative is a practical project designed to bring a global information universe into existence using available technology. This article describes…

Prospero: A Tool for Organizing Internet Resources

B. Clifford Neuman

Recent growth of the Internet has greatly increased the amount of information that is accessible and the number of resources that are available to users. To exploit this…

Describing and Classifying Networked Information Resources

Clifford A. Lynch, Cecilia M. Preston

The need for effective directories of networked information resources becomes more critical as these resources—online library catalogs, file archives, online journal…

Resource Discovery in an Internet Environment—the Archie Approach

Peter Deutsch

New resources and services are being added to the network daily. The number of prospective users of these resources is expanding rapidly, but problems arise when…

Wide Area Information Servers: An Executive Information System for Unstructured Files

Brewster Kahle, Harry Morris, Franklin Davis, Kevin Tiene, Clare Hart, Robin Palmer

In this paper we present a corporate information system for untrained users to search gigabytes of unformatted data using quasi‐natural language and relevance feedback…



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