Internet Research: Volume 19 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Intelligent ubiquitous computing: applications and security issues

Guest Editors: Jong Hyuk Park, Stefanos Gritzalis, ChingHsien Hsu

Problem localization using probabilistic dependency analysis for automated system management in ubiquitous computing

Shunshan Piao, Jeongmin Park, Eunseok Lee

This paper seeks to develop an approach to problem localization and an algorithm to address the issue of determining the dependencies among system metrics for automated system…

Obligations of trust for privacy and confidentiality in distributed transactions

U.M. Mbanaso, G.S. Cooper, David Chadwick, Anne Anderson

This paper aims to describe a bilateral symmetric approach to authorization, privacy protection and obligation enforcement in distributed transactions. The authors introduce the…

Ubiquitous proximity e‐service for trust collaboration

Yuan‐Chu Hwang, Soe‐Tsyr Yuan

The authors seek to propose the notion of ubiquitous proximity e‐service for exploring collective wisdom in the ubiquitous environment. Ubiquitous proximity e‐service highlights…

Privacy and fair information practices in ubiquitous environments: Research challenges and future directions

Maria Karyda, Stefanos Gritzalis, Jong Hyuk Park, Spyros Kokolakis

This paper aims to contribute to the ongoing discourse about the nature of privacy and its role in ubiquitous environments and provide insights for future research.


Security technologies based on a home gateway for making smart homes secure

Geon Woo Kim, Deok Gyu Lee, Jong Wook Han, Seung Hyun Lee, Sang Wook Kim

The purpose of this paper is to identify security technologies that are essential in making home network systems secure and to describe specialized security mechanisms for the…


An efficient collusion resistant security mechanism for heterogeneous sensor networks

Sajid Hussain, Firdous Kausar, Ashraf Masood, Jong Hyuk Park

As large‐scale homogeneous networks suffer from high costs of communication, computation, and storage requirements, the heterogeneous sensor networks (HSN) are preferred because…

Integrating wireless sensor networks and the internet: a security analysis

Rodrigo Roman, Javier Lopez

This paper aims to analyze the security issues that arise when integrating wireless sensor networks (WSN) and the internet. Also, it seeks to review whether existing technology…

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