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Cross‐cultural comparison of interactivity and advertising appeals on antismoking web sites in the United States and South Korea

Hyunjae (Jay) Yu, Hye‐Jin Paek, Bumjun Bae

This study aims to examine the content of health promotional web sites in two culturally distinct countries, the USA and South Korea, by investigating the level of interactivity…


“Usability + usefulness = trust”: an exploratory study of Australian health web sites

Julie Fisher, Frada Burstein, Kathy Lynch, Kate Lazarenko

The aim is to explore users' reactions to health information web sites from the perspective of trust, retrieval of relevant information and ease‐of‐use, and to establish the link…


The role of Internet addiction in online game loyalty: an exploratory study

Hsi‐Peng Lu, Shu‐ming Wang

The paper's aim is to explore the factors that affect the online game addiction and the role that online game addiction plays in the relationship between online satisfaction and…


Evolving debates in online communication: a graph analytical approach

Rudy Prabowo, Mike Thelwall, Iina Hellsten, Andrea Scharnhorst

The aim of this paper is to analyse the structure of evolving debates in online discussion forums to see how science‐related debates evolve over time.

Exploring individual communication power in the blogosphere

Hsiu‐Chia Ko, Chun‐Po Yin, Feng‐Yang Kuo

Viewing the blog technology as an integral part of the current social‐technical environment, this research aims to investigate whether the main influences on message diffusion…


E‐commerce and socio‐economic development: conceptualizing the link

Richard Boateng, Richard Heeks, Alemayehu Molla, Robert Hinson

E‐commerce is diffusing into developing countries (DCs), and is assumed to help deliver the international development agenda. But how can the connection between e‐commerce and…

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