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Table Of Contents: Volume 16 Issue 5

Sectet: an extensible framework for the realization of secure inter‐organizational workflows

Michael Hafner, Ruth Breu, Berthold Agreiter, Andrea Nowak

This contribution aims to present the core components of a framework and illustrate the main concepts of a methodology for the systematic design and realization of…

Distributed inter‐organizational systems and innovation processes

Dong Hee Shin

This research provides a contextual analysis of the introduction of a distributed inter‐organizational system (DIOS) in three organizations.

Security patterns and requirements for internet‐based applications

David G. Rosado, Carlos Gutiérrez, Eduardo Fernández‐Medina, Mario Piattini

The purpose of this paper is that of linking security requirements for web services with security patterns, both at the architectural and the design level, obtaining in a…

An ontology‐based distributed whiteboard to determine legal responses to online cyber attacks

Leisheng Peng, Duminda Wijesekera, Thomas C. Wingfield, James B. Michael

This paper aims to assist investigators and attorneys addressing the legal aspects of cyber incidents, and allow them to determine the legality of a response to cyber…

On the validity of client‐side vs server‐side web log data analysis

Gi Woong Yun, Jay Ford, Robert P. Hawkins, Suzanne Pingree, Fiona McTavish, David Gustafson, Haile Berhe

This paper seeks to discuss measurement units by comparing the internet use and the traditional media use, and to understand internet use from the traditional media use…

An electronic voting system supporting vote weights

Charlott Eliasson, André Zúquete

This paper aims to provide a solution for allowing an arbitrary number of weights and weight values to be used in an electronic voting system.



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