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Table Of Contents: Volume 16 Issue 3

An analysis of the e‐service literature: towards a research agenda

Jennifer Rowley

The purpose of this paper is to review research and is to gather conceptual perspectives on the role and nature of e‐service, and the e‐service experience. Recent advances…

The choice of digital newspapers: influence of reader goals and user experience

Carlos Flavián, Raquel Gurrea

To analyze press reader behavior in the digital medium: identify the main goals that lead readers to read the press and analyze their influence on the choice of digital…

Understanding customer knowledge sharing in web‐based discussion boards

Matthew K.O. Lee, Christy M.K. Cheung, Kai H. Lim, Choon Ling Sia

The proliferation and advance of web‐based technologies create expanded opportunities for retailers to gain a better understanding of their customers. However, the success…

Online retailing, product classifications, and consumer preferences

Pradeep Korgaonkar, Ronnie Silverblatt, Tulay Girard

To investigate if consumer online patronage is influenced by product category and online store type.

Automatic new topic identification in search engine transaction logs

H. Cenk Ozmutlu, Fatih Cavdur, Seda Ozmutlu

Content analysis of search engine user queries is an important task, since successful exploitation of the content of queries can result in the design of efficient…

Design benchmarking, user behavior analysis and link‐structure personalization in commercial web sites

Mamata Jenamani, Pratap K.J. Mohapatra, Sujoy Ghose

To create a benchmark for design evaluation of commercial web sites, to model customers' site navigation behavior, and to develop and implement algorithms for…

Clustering the consumers on the basis of their perceptions of the Internet banking services

Katariina Mäenpää

The purpose of the paper is to explore Internet banking services (IBS), consumers availing the services and the potential development possibilities of the services in the…



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