Internet Research: Volume 16 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Privacy and anonymity in the digital era

Guest Editors: Stefanos Gritzalis

Anonymous attribute certificates based on traceable signatures

Vicente Benjumea, Javier Lopez, Jose M. Troya

To provide a cryptographic protocol for anonymously accessing services offered on the web. Such anonymous accesses can be disclosed or traced under certain conditions.

Incorporating privacy requirements into the system design process: The PriS conceptual framework

Evangelia Kavakli, Christos Kalloniatis, Pericles Loucopoulos, Stefanos Gritzalis

To present a new methodology for incorporating privacy requirements into the system design process called PriS, and describe its applicability in the e‐VOTE system for presenting…


Protecting privacy in e‐cash schemes by securing hidden identity approaches against statistical attacks

Krzysztof Piotrowski, Peter Langendörfer, Oliver Maye, Zoya Dyka

To enhance security and privacy of e‐cash systems that apply revocable anonymity by presenting a statistical attack that reveals the hidden ID and suitable protection means…


An incentive‐based architecture to enable privacy in dynamic environments

L. Kazatzopoulos, C. Delakouridis, G.F. Marias, P. Georgiadis

The purpose of this paper is to propose the use of priority‐based incentives for collaborative hiding of confidential information in dynamic environments, such as self‐organized…

Agyaat: mutual anonymity over structured P2P networks

Aameek Singh, Bugra Gedik, Ling Liu

To provide mutual anonymity over traditionally un‐anonymous Distributed Hash Tables (DHT) based Peer‐to‐Peer overlay networks, while maintaining the desired scalability and…

Regroup‐And‐Go mixes to counter the (n‐1) attack

Jin‐Qiao Shi, Bin‐Xing Fang, Li‐Jie Shao

The (n‐1) attack is the most powerful attack against mix which is the basic building block of many modern anonymous systems. This paper aims to present a strategy that can be…

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