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Table Of Contents: Volume 15 Issue 5

A generic Grid security policy reconciliation framework

Lazaros Gymnopoulos, Vassilios Tsoumas, Ioannis Soupionis, Stefanos Gritzalis

The purpose of this paper is to provide a framework for enhancing security policy management in the Grid.

Why have public key infrastructures failed so far?

Javier Lopez, Rolf Oppliger, Günther Pernul

To overview and discuss the technical, economical, legal, and social reasons why public key infrastructures (PKIs) have failed so far, summarizing the lessons learned, and…

Autonomous trust for web services

M. Coetzee, J.H.P. Eloff

This paper aims to show that information and evidence found in the XML‐based environment of web services can allow web services providers to gain a sense of the…

Strategy development processes as determinants of B2B e‐commerce performance

Damien Power

The purpose of this paper is to test the relationship between the use of business to business (B2B) e‐commerce enabling technologies and infrastructure, cooperative…

Influence of environmental and organizational factors on the success of internet‐based interorganizational systems planning

Gwo‐Guang Lee, Hsiu‐Fen Lin, Jung‐Chi Pai

To examine the influence of environmental factors (environmental uncertainty and trading partners' influence) and organizational factors (CEO/CIO relationship and…

Issues in moving from web services to service orientation

A.D. Phippen, J. Taylor, R. Allen

To carry out a practical experiment into the feasibility of service orientation to achieve a dynamic, late‐binding service architecture.



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