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An analysis of online gaming crime characteristics

Ying‐Chieh Chen, Patrick S. Chen, Jing‐Jang Hwang, Larry Korba, Ronggong Song, George Yee

To arouse the public awareness of online gaming‐related crimes and other societal influences so that these problems can be solved through education, laws and appropriate…


Analyzing the social capital value chain in community network interfaces

C.M. Chewar, D. Scott McCrickard, John M. Carroll

This work aims to probe how interface designers concerned with human‐computer interaction of community networks might use the theoretical constructs of social capital and activity…


A longitudinal evaluation of accessibility: higher education web sites

Stephanie Hackett, Bambang Parmanto

Using Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, higher education web sites were retrospectively analyzed to study the effects that technological advances in web design have had on…


Internet banking adoption strategies for a developing country: the case of Thailand

Bussakorn Jaruwachirathanakul, Dieter Fink

The objective of the paper is to identify the factors that encourage consumers to adopt internet banking services in Thailand and to use the study's findings to develop strategies…


Online shopping, the standard learning hierarchy, and consumers' internet expertise: An American‐Spanish comparison

Francisco J. Martínez‐López, Paula Luna, Francisco José Martínez

First, to theoretically justify and empirically test the sequence of effects based on the standard learning hierarchy to explain consumers' online buying‐related responses…


Online grocery retailing: what do consumers think?

Kim Ramus, Niels Asger Nielsen

To use the theory of planned behavior (TPB) as a theoretical framework to explore in depth the range of beliefs held by consumers about internet shopping in general and internet…

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