Internet Research: Volume 15 Issue 2


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Mobile internet acceptance in Korea

Je Ho Cheong, Myeong‐Cheol Park

The increasing number of M‐internet subscribers and the fast growing revenue proves the great potential of M‐internet as well as the enormous business opportunity in Korea. The…


E‐commerce in Hong Kong: an empirical perspective and analysis

A. Gunasekaran, E.W.T. Ngai

The main objective of this study is to develop a framework for: identifying the reasons for using e‐commerce; understanding the implications of e‐commerce in companies; and…


Mobile advertising adoption by multinationals: Senior executives’ initial responses

Shintaro Okazaki

Although the wireless internet attracts more and more interest from marketers and researchers, there is little empirical evidence of multinational corporations’ (MNCs) adoption of…


A sequence analysis of consumers’ online searches

Teemu Ylikoski

To describe consumers’ heuristic and analytical searches for a pre‐purchase information acquisition, and to assess the correspondence of flexibility of information task and the…


The value of online surveys

Joel R. Evans, Anil Mathur

To provide a thorough analysis of the role of the internet in survey research and to discuss the implications of online surveys becoming such a major force in research.


Waiting for service on the internet: Defining the phenomenon and identifying the situations

Gerard Ryan, Mireia Valverde

E‐consumers consistently complain that the internet is frustratingly slow. Most existing research on this phenomenon is based on the concept of “download delay”, that is, the time…

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