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Table Of Contents: Volume 14 Issue 5

Non‐business use of the WWW in three Western Australian organisations

Craig Valli

This paper is an outline of findings from a research project investigating the non‐business use of the World Wide Web in organisations. The study uncovered high…

Web services: measuring practitioner attitude

P. Joshi, H. Singh, A.D. Phippen

Distributed computing architecture has been around for a while, but not all of its benefits could be leveraged due to issues such as inter‐operability, industry standards…

Mechanisms for controlling access in the global grid environment

George Angelis, Stefanos Gritzalis, Costas Lambrinoudakis

The Grid is widely seen as the next generation Internet. Aims to share dynamic collections of individuals, institutions and resources by providing consistent, easy and…

Multi‐dimensional‐personalisation for location and interest‐based recommendation

Steffen W. Schilke, Udo Bleimann, Steven M. Furnell, Andrew D. Phippen

During the dot com era the word “personalisation” was a hot buzzword. With the fall of the dot com companies the topic has lost momentum. As the killer application for…

PIDS: a privacy intrusion detection system

Hein S. Venter, Martin S. Olivier, Jan H.P. Eloff

It is well‐known that the primary threat against misuse of private data about individuals is present within the organisation; proposes a system that uses intrusion…

Efficient resource discovery in grids and P2P networks

Nick Antonopoulos, James Salter

Presents a new model for resource discovery in grids and peer‐to‐peer networks designed to utilise efficiently small numbers of messages for query processing and building…

Using the Web Graph to influence application behaviour

Michael P. Evans, Andrew Walker

The Web's link structure (termed the Web Graph) is a richly connected set of Web pages. Current applications use this graph for indexing and information retrieval…



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