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Impact of using attachment handling electronic agents on an individual’s perceived work‐performance

R.P. Sundarraj, Thanh Vuong

Mobile devices are generally designed for use in low‐bandwidth environments and therefore have limited ability to handle e‐mail attachments. As such, these devices often have to…


Assisting the searcher: utilizing software agents for Web search systems

Bernard J. Jansen, Udo Pooch

Much previous research on improving information retrieval applications has focused on developing entirely new systems with advanced searching features. Unfortunately, most users…

Archive knowledge discovery by proxy cache

Hsiang‐Fu Yu, Yi‐Ming Chen, Li‐Ming Tseng

An archive is a file containing several related files. Many Internet resources, such as freeware, shareware and trail software, are often packaged into archives for easy…


Secure Internet examination system based on video monitoring

C.C. Ko, C.D. Cheng

The use of the Internet for Web‐based teaching and learning is fast becoming a reality. However, since it is difficult to verify the identity of the student through a simple user…

Personal factors affecting users’ Web session lengths

Manuel J. Sánchez‐Franco, Joaquina Rodríguez‐Bobada Rey

The objective in this study is to evaluate the mediating role of personal factors affecting the Web behaviour and in turn the length of Web sessions as a highly‐subjective…


Do multinationals standardise or localise? The cross‐cultural dimensionality of product‐based Web sites

Shintaro Okazaki

Despite the growing use of the Internet as an effective marketing channel, there is a lack of comprehensive research regarding multinational corporations’ (MNCs’) Web sites for…


Cost‐quality based consumer perception analysis of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) in India

M.P. Jaiswal, Bhoopesh Raghav

Telecom in developing countries faces a distinct challenge as compared to developed countries. The technology of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) would be a key enabler for…

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