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Digital economy and management in Spain

Ana R. del Águila, Antonio Padilla, Christian Serarols, José M. Veciana

The digital economy is an economic sector that includes goods and services, whose development, manufacturing, merchandising or supply depend on critical digital technologies. The…


Web site design benchmarking within industry groups

Sung‐Eon Kim, Thomas Shaw, Helmut Schneider

For corporations engaged in e‐commerce, the Web serves as their primary interface with customers. Consequently, quality Web site design is a critical success factor for…


A structural and content‐based analysis for Web filtering

P.Y. Lee, S.C. Hui, A.C.M. Fong

With the proliferation of objectionable materials (e.g. pornography, violence, drugs, etc.) available on the WWW, there is an urgent need for effective countermeasures to protect…


Influence of image interactivity on approach responses towards an online retailer

Ann Marie Fiore, Hyun‐Jeong Jin

Image interactivity allows the customer to create and manipulate visual images of a product on a Web site. We measured the effect of exposure to an image interactivity function…


Impact of the high‐speed Internet on user behaviors: case study in Korea

Sungbin Cho, Jae‐Ho Byun, Minje Sung

The growth of Internet usage, spurred by rapidly advancing network technologies, has been bringing about broad changes in customer behaviors related to the Internet, attitudes…


Improving Internet archive service through proxy cache

Hsiang‐Fu Yu, Yi‐Ming Chen, Shih‐Yong Wang, Li‐Ming Tseng

Traditionally, file transfer protocol (FTP) servers are major archive providers and users apply the Archie server to locate FTP archives. With the extreme popularity of the WWW…

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