Internet Research: Volume 12 Issue 5


Table of contents a Web‐based system for managing knowledge in projects

Heng Li, Sandy Tang, Peter E.D. Love

Large‐scale projects involve many organizations coming from different geographical locations. The task of coordination and information sharing/exchange therefore becomes very…


A content analysis of multinationals’ Web communication strategies: cross‐cultural research framework and pre‐testing

Shintaro Okazaki, Javier Alonso Rivas

Despite the growing trend toward the interactive medium, there would appear to be a lack of comprehensive research methodology for evaluating the degree of standardisation in…


Internet usage and competitive advantage: the impact of the Internet on an old economy industry in Spain

Ana Rosa del Aguila Obra, Sebastián Bruque Cámara, Antonio Padilla Meléndez

Since the beginnings of the computing era it has been suggested that firm performance could be enhanced by the use of information technology which would help firms to score better…


Predicting Internet/ e‐commerce use

Randall S. Sexton, Richard A. Johnson, Michael A. Hignite

Use of the Internet continues to grow at an explosive rate. While entertainment, education and communication serve as important applications of the Internet, e‐commerce continues…


Product characteristics and Internet shopping intentions

Leo R. Vijayasarathy

Estimates of online sales by product categories reveal that certain types of products fare better than others. A few conceptual papers have offered frameworks to assess the…


Knowledge management for the analysis of complex experimentation

R. Maule, G. Schacher, S. Gallup

Government agencies carry out many events each year designed to determine future requirements and capabilities. These events include field experiments, surveys, interviews…

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