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A conjoint analysis of voice over IP attributes

Michael L. Zubey, William Wagner, James R. Otto

The ability to transmit and process voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) networks has important implications for technology managers. Many companies today are rushing to bring…


A peer‐to‐peer distributed selection algorithm for the Internet

Alfred Loo, Y.K. Choi

Heretofore, it has been extremely expensive to install and use distributed databases. With the advent of Java, JDBC and other Internet technologies, it has become easy and…

Global market access in the Internet era: South Africa’s wood furniture industry

Sagren Moodley

The importance of global connectivity for Third World producers has recently come under intense academic scrutiny in the value chain literature in development studies. However…


Improving the performance of Web access by bridging global ranking with local page popularity metrics

John Garofalakis Panagiotis, Panagiotis Kappos, Christos Makris

Considers the problem of improving the performance of Web access by proposing a reconstruction of the internal link structure of a Web site in order to match the quality of the…

A novel Trust Service Provider for Internet based commerce applications

M.Y. Siyal, B. Barkat

In this paper we present a framework for enhancing trust in Internet commerce. Experience shows that efficient cryptographic protocols are not enough to guarantee peoples’…

Abnormal Web usage control by proxy strategies

Hsiang‐Fu Yu, Li‐Ming Tseng

The World Wide Web (WWW) has become an extremely popular information service. Large HTTP packets result in network congestion. Proxy cache servers are widely deployed on the…

Assessing community informatics: a review of methodological approaches for evaluating community networks and community technology centers

Dara O’Neil

Community informatics can be defined as a strategy or discipline that focuses on the use of information and communication technologies by territorial communities. This paper…

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