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The First World Congress on the Management of Electronic Commerce: review and commentary

Nick Bontis, Akemi De Castro

Summarizes some of the key findings of academic papers presented at the First World Congress on the Management of Electronic Commerce, which took place in January, 2000, in…


A relationship‐building model for the Web retail marketplace

Fang Wang, Milena Head, Norm Archer

Electronic commerce has existed in the business‐to‐business marketplace since the 1970s, in forms such as electronic data interchange (EDI) and electronic funds transfer (EFT)…


Managing business‐to‐business relationships throughout the e‐commerce procurement life cycle

Norm Archer, Yufei Yuan

E‐commerce technologies provide effective and efficient ways in which corporate buyers can gather information rapidly about available P/S (products and services), evaluate and…


A buyer behaviour framework for the development and design of software agents in e‐commerce

Susan Sproule, Norm Archer

Software agents are computer programs that run in the background and perform tasks autonomously as delegated by the user. Although there has been much research on this topic…


Evaluating the role of intermediaries in the electronic value chain

Marijn Janssen, Henk G. Sol

E‐commerce enables new kinds of business models to coordinate a value chain. Coordination of the value chain can be accomplished using direct communication or with the help of…


Enabling integrated decision making for electronic commerce by modelling an enterprise’s sharable knowledge

Henry M. Kim

A key benefit of advances in information technology has been the increased ability to make decisions that integrate different perspectives. Enterprise resource planning software…


A services‐marketing perspective on e‐retailing: implications for e‐retailers and directions for further research

Mark B. Kolesar, R. Wayne Galbraith

There has been an explosion in the number of retail Web sites since 1995, e‐retail offering shares a few common elements specifically a product search facility (often augmented by…


Strategic management of electronic commerce: an adaptation of the balanced scorecard

Helen Hasan, Hendrika (Rita) Tibbits

The balanced scorecard is a formal management technique that is built on the premise that measurement is a prerequisite to strategic management. A broad range of business goals…


Meta‐management of virtual organizations: toward information technology support

Shouhong Wang

Electronic commerce enables organizations to form virtual organizations. Shifting between different linkages of the partners for satisfying a need is the major characteristic of…


Implications of the dynamics of the new networked economy for e‐business start‐ups: the case of Philips’ Access Point

George Tovstiga, Ernest J. Fantner

Explores how the spread of connectivity and the introduction of new standards is driving the emergence of entirely new value constructs that deliver to multiple stakeholders…

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