Internet Research: Volume 1 Issue 1


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Electronically Distributed Work Communities: Implications for Research on Telework

Bradford W. Hesse, Charles E. Grantham

Whereas the Industrial Revolution attracted workers away from home‐based community settings to central locations, the current proliferation of personal computers and asynchronous…

A Value‐Added Framework for Analyzing Electronic and Print Publishing

Henry H. Perritt

Digital electronic network and optical storage technologies are revolutionizing publishing. The new technology enables a disaggregation of value and an associated dis‐integration…

Copyright Issues for the Creators and Users of Information in the Electronic Environment

Robert L. Oakley

Using questions from creators and users of online information, the author explores the interface of copyright and new technology, explains how copyright works in the electronic…

Does Anybody Have a Map? Accessing Information in the Internet's Virtual Library

Marian L. Dalton

The rapid advances in computer networking technology in the late 1980s have led to a corresponding increase in locations wishing to participate in computer networks. As more sites…

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