OCLC Systems & Services: International digital library perspectives: Volume 9 Issue 2


Library and Information Science

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Milo Nelson

The largest authority control corrections project in OCLC's history has begun with automated soft‐ware programs that work their way through the twenty‐eight million record…

OCLC Users Council Meeting Report: February 7–9, 1993

JoEllen Ostendorf

The effects of electronic access on the provision of information continue to be the focus of the OCLC Users Council. Building upon the Internet theme of the last Users…

A fever of excitement over keyword searching

Judith A. Carter

Consider the prospects for keyword searching with the advent ofuser‐access to PRISM interlibrary lending system in December 1992.Offers some helpful avice for starting out…

ILL‐Conceived Ideas

Susan Raschke

Welcome to The Column concerning interlibrary services in the OCLC universe! Dare if you will to join me in my continuing mission to infuse new life, explore strange new…

The SOurce DLC qualifier and virtual employees

Daniel CannCasciato

Discusses ways that the Cataloguing Department at the University ofOregon managed to eliminate a cataloguing backlog. Discusses the changein routine for acquisitions and…

Doing ILL with an Edsel

Jane Smith

Considers the significant increase in interlibrary loan requests onOCLC. Details how one interlibrary loan department uses the OCLC to copewith an increasing workload…

Learning about keyword searching in PRISM

Dan Liebtag

Reviews the experience of a County Library with the EPIC and PRISMinterlibrary lending systems in improving efficiency and productivity ofsubject and keyword searches…

Local systems implementation: working smarter with OCLC

Nelia Wurangian

Addresses some issues that enhance efficiency in databasepreparation and ways to reduce cost and complexity in procedures. Looksat database creation, in particular…

Programming function keys to speed up Union listing

Martha Gunnarson

Shows how customizing function keys can make adding, deleting andediting LDRs more efficient and effective. Reviews the steps forprogramming function keys, filling in the…

The PZI interlibrary loan function key template

David Kaufman

Looks at some of the enhancements in interlibrary lendingfacilitated by the latest interlibrary lending (ILL) function key editorthat is included with PASSPORT software…

A practical method for using interlibrary loan data to assist librarians with collection equipment

Scott A. Mellendorf

Explains the method used at Saginaw Valley State University tocollect the Library of Congress Classification Code using interlibraryloan data. Details data collection…

OCLC/AMIGOS collection analysis CD: broadening the scope of use

Sherry L. Vellucci

Examines the OCLC/AMIGOS collection analysis CD (CACD) and itspotential applications that can assist in the labour‐intensive processof evaluation and collection…



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