OCLC Systems & Services: International digital library perspectives: Volume 9 Issue 1


Library and Information Science

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Nancy Melin Nelson

In order to expand availability of the FirstSearch system, OCLC has instituted a new subscription pricing option. The University of Utah became the first institution to…

The great PRISM ILL cutover

Judith A. Carter

Reviews some of the day‐to‐day benefits of introducing the PRISMinterlibrary loan system to a college reference library. Discusses theediting of workforms, main and copy…

Is the OLUC a catalog?

Daniel CannCasciato

Considers the function of the OLUC (Online Union Catalog System)system as a catalogue. Argues that for now it is not, but that it isdeveloping into one. Discusses the…

Is your SAN in your NAD?

Dan Liebtag

Briefly discusses the first steps taken by a medium size publiclibrary into the use of electronic ordering. Examines the relativemerits of Flashback software for bulk…

The GOLD connection

JoEllen Ostendorf

Discusses, from the point of view of a new delegate of the OCLCUsers Council, some of the issues facing the OCLC users community andtheir connection with the Georgia…

ILL‐conceived ideas

Susan Raschke

Discusses some of the implications of the Internet for interlibrarylending operations. Examines the benefits for ILL managers of comparingoperations and ideas with those…

Using the OCLC cataloging micro enhancer to produce a bibliography list

Nelia Wurangian

Discusses the merits of introducing a cataloging micro enhancer(CAT ME) into a library′s bibliography catalogue production processes.Reviews the functions of the micro…

OCLC’s CAT ME Plus and INNOPAC: downloading serials OCLC records

Marilyn Rogers, Geri Hutchins, Jo Grippe

Discusses briefly the implementation of acquisitions and serialscheck‐in modules for a newly acquired Innovative Interfaces INNOPACsystem at the University of Arkansas…



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