Competitiveness Review: Volume 31 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Industry 4.0 in firms, clusters and regions: the new digital imperative

Guest Editors: Jose-Luis Hervas-Oliver, Eleonora di Maria, Marco Bettiol

Industrial districts and the fourth industrial revolution

Marco Bettiol, Mauro Capestro, Valentina De Marchi, Eleonora Di Maria, Silvia Rita Sedita

This paper aims to explore if firms located in industrial districts (IDs) have different adoption paths concerning Industry 4.0 technologies and get different results with respect…


The dissemination mechanisms of Industry 4.0 knowledge in traditional industrial districts:evidence from Italy

Alessandro Pagano, Elisa Carloni, Serena Galvani, Roberta Bocconcelli

This paper aims to provide a contribution on the diffusion of Industry 4 (I4.0)-related knowledge in industrial districts (IDs). The main goal is to examine the dissemination of…


Cluster role in industry 4.0 – a pilot study from Germany

Marta Götz

This paper aims to explore the nature of Industry 4.0 (I4.0) cluster, to establish and empirically verify in the pilot study the role of clusters in developing the fourth…

Industry 4.0 and clusters: complementaries or substitutes in firm’s knowledge creation?

Nils Grashof, Alexander Kopka, Colin Wessendorf, Dirk Fornahl

This paper aims to show the interaction effects between clusters and cluster-specific attributes and the industrial internet of things (IoT) knowledge of a firm on the…

Emerging regional innovation policies for industry 4.0: analyzing the digital innovation hub program in European regions

Jose-Luis Hervas-Oliver, Gregorio Gonzalez-Alcaide, Ronald Rojas-Alvarado, Silvia Monto-Mompo

Industry 4.0 or digitization, from a regional innovation system (RIS) and policy perspective to improve regional innovation, is over-looked. Specifically, this paper aims to focus…


Digital transformation of regional industries through asset modification

Arne Isaksen, Michaela Trippl, Nina Kyllingstad, Jan Ole Rypestøl

This paper aims to develop a conceptual framework for analysing wide-ranging digital transformation processes of industries in regional contexts.

Digital business strategizing: the role of leadership and organizational learning

Huub Ruel, Hefin Rowlands, Esther Njoku

This paper aims to develop a theoretical framework to understand the role of leadership and organizational learning in intra-organizational digital business strategizing, to…


Tackling the HR digitalization challenge: key factors and barriers to HR analytics adoption

Vicenc Fernandez, Eva Gallardo-Gallardo

This paper aims to contribute to the literature on human resources (HR) digitalization, specifically on HR analytics, disentangling the concept of analytics applied to HR and…

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