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Emerging countries’ country-specific advantages (CSAs) and competitiveness of emerging market multinational enterprises (EMNEs)

Philippe Gugler

A significant stream of literature focuses on host countries’ locations when explaining why firms internalize some of their activities in specific countries. At first glance, home…


The competitiveness of emerging country multinational enterprise: Does it derive from CSAs or FSAs?

Peter J. Buckley

This paper aims to conduct a theoretical enquiry into the questions as to whether emerging country multinationals’ competitiveness derives from country-specific advantage (CSA) or…


Home country underdevelopment and internationalization: Innovation-based and escape-based internationalization

Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, Ravi Ramamurti

The purpose of this study is to use the rise of emerging-market multinationals as a vehicle to explore how a firm’s country of origin influences its internationalization.


Outward direct investment by Chinese state-owned enterprises: Can host country policy act as a country-specific advantage?

Ana Teresa Tavares Lehmann, Frederick Lehmann

The paper aims to investigate outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) by Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs), aiming to unveil whether the Chinese OFDI policy acted as a…

A critical assessment of Brazilian manufacturing competitiveness in foreign markets

Alvaro Bruno Cyrino, Ronaldo Parente, Denise Dunlap, Bruno B. de Góes

This study aims to examine the competitiveness of firms operating in the emerging economy of Brazil. This study examines the current perception of Brazilian business leaders…

Ascertaining the competitiveness of Thai exports to PRC

Pornlapas Suwannarat

This study aims to fundamentally focus on the comparative advantage measurement and the trend of change in the international competitiveness of five Thai economic products…

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