Asian Libraries: Volume 7 Issue 9


Table of contents

The Internet and its impact on developing countries: examples from China and India

T. Kanti Srikantaiah, Dong Xiaoying

The Internet has significantly changed information management in developed countries through creating pressures to improve communication systems and develop more user…


The China Education Research Network (CERNET) and library services

Yang Zongying, Lin Haoming, Zheng Qiaoying

Introduces the major objectives in establishing the China Education and Research Network (CERNET). Describes the major goals, the topological structure, the organisation…


East Asian studies electronic datafiles

OCLC CJK Users Group, OCLC CJK Users Group Program Committee

The OCLC CJK Users Group has prepared a list of electronic datafiles for potential loading on to OCLC. The lists of resources are useful in Chinese, Japanese and Korean studies.




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