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Mediating role of need satisfaction on total reward management towards retention: a conceptual framework

Jeeta Sarkar, Lalatendu Kesari Jena, Kalpana Sahoo

This paper aims to investigate the impact of total rewards on retention. The finding relies on need satisfaction approach as a mechanism. This is done by investigating the role of…


Key failure factors of start-up women owned SMEs in service sector in Kigali: a principal component analysis approach

Romain Kasema

This study aims to develop and test a framework for studying the failure of new women entrepreneurs in the small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) sector.


Human capital management and performance of community-based health planning and service (CHPS): a mediator analysis

Rejoice Wodomdedzi Foli, Livingstone Divine Caesar

This paper aims to examine the complexity of the relationship between human capital management (HCM) and the performance of community-based health planning and services (CHPS…

Influence of service quality, loyalty programme and perceived value on word-of-mouth behavior of domestic and international airline passengers in India

Joemon Pappachan

This paper aims to investigate the combined effect of airline service quality (ASQ), loyalty programme and perceived value (PV) on word-of-mouth (WOM) behavior of passengers’…


Work-life balance -a systematic review

Thilagavathy S., Geetha S.N.

This study aims to systematically review the existing literature and develop an understanding of work-life balance (WLB) and its relationship with other forms of work-related…


An empirical study on entrepreneurial traits and their impact on enterprise success

Sthitaprajnya Pattanayak, Munindra Kakati

Enterprise success is driven by enterprise actions, which, in turn, is influenced by entrepreneurial behaviours. Behaviours are guided by traits. Hence, it is highly likely that…


Supervisor support, career satisfaction, and career adaptability of healthcare sector employees

Mohammad Aqil Tahiry, Emre Burak Ekmekcioglu

The purpose of this study is to examine the mediating role of career adaptability (CA) in the relationship between supervisor support (SS) and career satisfaction (CS).


Does commitment to environment and society pays? Evidence from COVID-19 impact on stock volatility

Nishi Sharma, Arshdeep Kaur, Shailika Rawat

This study aims to analyse whether investment in green and sustainable stocks provide some cushion during current precarious time. To compare the impact of COVID-19 on the…


Jesuit education system: creators of credible leaders

Mukti Clarence, Lalatendu Kesari Jena

This paper aims to propose that a Jesuit education can create leaders who can respond responsibly to modern challenges. It is observed that there remains a lacuna in education due…

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