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Dynamics of oil price shocks and emerging stock market volatility: a generalized VAR approach

Megha Agarwalla, Tarak Nath Sahu, Shib Sankar Jana

This study aims to establish the dynamic relationship between international crude oil prices and Indian stock prices represented by the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) energy index.


Entrepreneurial orientation and international performance of born global firms: the mediating role of entrepreneurial competencies

Nida Gull, Muhammad Asghar, Qader Aleem Ahmed, Asim Rafique Muhammad, Ahmed Syed Jameel, Shan-e Ali

This study aims to extend the understanding of entrepreneurial orientation (EO) by investigating the international EO (IEO) from the perspective of the international performance…


Breaking industrial relations’ stalemate at ABC Ltd.: a strategic rapprochement

Niharika Gaan

On 12th June 2015, a strike by contract workers was declared at Rampur terminal, All India Business in oil corporation (ABC) Ltd. The strike had disrupted the normal services of…

Distribution characteristics of star ratings in online consumer reviews

R. Venkatesakumar, Sudhakar Vijayakumar, S. Riasudeen, S. Madhavan, B. Rajeswari

The star rating summarises the review content and conveys the message faster than other review components. Star ratings influence helpfulness of the reviews, and extreme reviews…


Information privacy concern at individual, group, organization and societal level - a literature review

Dillip Kumar Rath, Ajit Kumar

In today’s digitized environment, information privacy has become a prime concern for everybody. The purpose of this paper is to provide an understanding of information privacy…


Contextual and task performance: role of employee engagement and organizational culture in hospitality industry

Bhawana Bhardwaj, Namrita Kalia

Extensive work related to examining predictors and determinants of employee engagement and job performance have been conducted in past studies. A dearth of studies relating…


Limning India’s tax terrorism saga

Rajat Deb

This study aims to explain the Indian taxpayers’ harassment saga in the name of revenue collections by the taxmen.

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