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How can practical wisdom manifest itself in five fundamental management and leadership practices?

Maria Jakubik

Practical wisdom (PW; phronesis), as one of the human virtues, is experiencing a renewal in the contemporary management literature. The aim of this conceptual paper is…

University brand as an employer: demystifying employee attraction and retention

Mohammad Yameen, Shubhangi Bharadwaj, Izhar Ahmad

This study aims to unveil the determinants of employer branding (EB) that attracts and retains the employees working in the Indian higher education sector using the…

Social and financial performance of MFIs: complementary or compromise?

Nitin Navin, Pankaj Sinha

With the ongoing transformation of the microfinance sector, questions have been raised on the ability of microfinance institutions (MFIs) to perform financially well…

Zoom in on the levels of employee engagement, perception, satisfaction; employee roles influenced – health care sample study

M. Bharath, V. Sreedevi

The paper aims to considering quality that comes from quality employees taking discretionary efforts, having right perception towards quality, getting satisfied from their…

An assessment of customers’ satisfaction for emerging technologies in passenger cars using Kano model

Anu Kohli, Ram Singh

Automobile industry has been the backbone of manufacturing sector in any country. During the past decade, passenger car industry has emerged as the one of the growing…

Perceived eWallet security: impact of COVID-19 pandemic

Swapnil Undale, Ashish Kulkarni, Harshali Patil

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forced nationwide lockdown in India. During the period of lockdown usage of eWallet increased by 44%. With the increased usage of digital…







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