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Strategies for transcending the chaos of societal disruptions

John C. Camillus, Jeffrey E. Baker, Anushka I. Daunt, Jungyoon Jang

This study aims to offer a strategic management response to societal disruptions of the magnitude triggered by the agricultural, industrial and information revolutions. These pose…


Accounting: the teaching, the practice and what is missing

Shanmugavel Rajeevan

This paper aims to identify the knowledge and practice gap in accounting education and propose an alternative teaching method to align accounting education to meet the needs of…


Impact of e-banking service quality on e-loyalty in pandemic times through interplay of e-satisfaction

Inzamam Ul Haq, Tahir Mumtaz Awan

This study aims to empirically explore e-banking service quality and its impact on the e-banking loyalty through a mediating impact of e-banking satisfaction. The account holders…


An emerging market perspective of what makes professional service firms successful

Felix Nana Abaka Sackey, Livingstone Divine Caesar

Despite the criticality of strategic partnerships to the survival and success of professional service firms (PSF) in emerging markets, there is a dearth of research on the subject…

Role of strategic management for employee engagement and skill development for start-ups

Praveen Kulkarni, Rohit Mutkekar, Sanjeev Ingalagi

Start-ups are the new avenues for innovation and employment. Strategic management is critical for employee engagement and skill development of start-ups. This study aims to…


Health insurance sector in India: an analysis of its performance

Madan Mohan Dutta

Health insurance is one of the major contributors of growth of general insurance industry in India. It alone accounts for around 29% of total general insurance premium income…


Relational exploration of the effect of work-related scheme on job satisfaction

Sushmita Singh, S.K. Singh, Shashi Srivastava

This study is an effort to explore a relationship between benefits of schemes (BoS) on the job satisfaction among handloom weavers. The weavers who are engaged in this work…


Teaching young adult learners is an intelligent orchestration of science and arts

Rima Namhata, Vinit Ghosh

This paper aims to propose a classroom teaching orchestration technique, analogically drawing a reference from the movie, Prestige (2006). The generation of post-millennials has…

Evaluating the impact of psychological entitlement on cyberloafing: the mediating role of perceived organizational justice

Arefeh Rahaei, Reza Salehzadeh

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of psychological entitlement and perceived organizational justice on cyberloafing.


Leadership at Godrej: a treasured heirloom transformed into a valuable brand

Lopamudra Pattanayak, Lalatendu Kesari Jena, Kalpana Sahoo

The purpose of this study is to bring out the success of the Godrej Group, focusing on their leadership styles and discussing how authentic and ethical leadership leads to…


We are now omnidextrous to sustain! Story of CERA India

Dipak Kumar Bhattacharyya

This study aims to help students to relate their theoretical knowledge in managing change in a crisis. It is more relevant in today’s pandemic situation and could be a morale…


Financial performance analysis of GIC Re

Tutun Mukherjee, Pinki Gorai, Som Sankar Sen

This study aims to analyse the following: first, the financial performance of General Insurance Re (GIC Re) using performance ratios (PRs); second, the uniformity of different…

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