The Learning Organization: Volume 26 Issue 5


Table of contents - Special Issue: Organizational unlearning: opportunities and interdisciplinary perspectives

Guest Editors: Adrian Klammer, Thomas Grisold, Nhien Nguyen

Unlearning towards an uncertain future: on the back end of future-driven unlearning

Markus F. Peschl

While many approaches in the field of unlearning aim at describing, understanding or explaining the “what” and/or “how” of unlearning, this paper aims to focus on the…


How to intentionally forget rules in newly introduced agile projects: A case study of a multinational automotive company

Marcel F. Volland

While much empirical research has examined how routines are unlearned, little is known about the intentional forgetting of rules in organizations. This paper aims to…

Unlearning institutional habits: an arts-based perspective on organizational unlearning

Annette Krauss

This paper aims to report on findings and methodological approaches of the artistic project “Sites for Unlearning (Art Organization)” in collaboration with the Team at…

Exploring linkages between unlearning and relearning in organizations

Shubham Sharma, Usha Lenka

Learning, unlearning and relearning (LUR) has been preached as a panacea to organizations. Whereas, research on learning and unlearning has grown exponentially, relearning…

Investigating unlearning and forgetting in organizations: Research methods, designs and implications

Annette Kluge, Arnulf Sebastian Schüffler, Christof Thim, Jennifer Haase, Norbert Gronau

Insight has grown that for an organization to learn and change successfully, forgetting and unlearning are required. The purpose of this paper is to summarize the relevant…

Organizational unlearning: the challenges of a developing phenomenon

Karen Becker

This paper aims to provide a synthesis of the contributions to this special issue focusing on organizational unlearning.

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