Information Management & Computer Security: Volume 16 Issue 1


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Information privacy compliance in the healthcare industry

Allen C. Johnston, Merrill Warkentin

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is US legislation aimed at protecting patient information privacy, but it imposes a significant burden on…

Managing electronic information: an ethics perspective

Mayur S. Desai, Thomas J. von der Embse

The paper addresses the contemporary and very important area of electronic information (EI) management – the ethical dimension and implications. Specifically, this paper…

Real time business intelligence in supply chain analytics

B.S. Sahay, Jayanthi Ranjan

Rapid innovation and globalization have generated tremendous opportunities and choices in the marketplace for firms and customers. Competitive pressures have led to…

Reaching escape velocity: A practiced approach to information security management system implementation

Jason Bellone, Segolene de Basquiat, Juan Rodriguez

This paper aims to demonstrate and offer an open source toolkit with the intent that making technology available to the community may serve to support organizations…

A practical application of CMM to medical security capability

Patricia Williams

The manner in which information is used and communicated in the medical environment has been revolutionized by the introduction of electronic storage, manipulation and…

A partial equilibrium view on security and privacy

Vasilios Katos, Ahmed Patel

This paper aims to propose a tool to help policy makers understand the dynamic relationships between security and privacy on a strategic (macro) level.

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