Empowerment in Organizations: Volume 6 Issue 2


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Empowerment: a contrasting overview of organizations in general and nursing in particular ‐ an examination of organizational factors, managerial behaviors, job design, and structural power

Steven H. Appelbaum, Karen Honeggar

Examines empowerment as an on‐going and perceptual organizational process yielding a new vision for subordinates. Claims that current attempts to empower employees have…


Turning a system loose with empowerment: reflections on an intervention in South Africa

Kristine Sullivan

Empowerment is a term most misused in today′s business world. This article shows how a firm in South Africa used empowerment to build coherence, clarity, clear direction…


Strategic performance empowerment model

Gary D. Geroy, Phillip C. Wright, Joan Anderson

Employee empowerment is one of the key management concepts of our time, but the empowerment concept has not yet become part of our corporate culture. In order to make it…




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1993 – 1998

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