Empowerment in Organizations: Volume 5 Issue 3


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Empowerment ‐ the challenge is now

Bryan Smith

Discusses empowerment and its place in the workplace. Suggests how empowerment can be introduced into organizations in such a manner that it is embraced by the whole…


The heart of the beast: Acquiring and redistributing power in modern organizations

Keith D. Denton

Asserts that history shows humanity’s quest for power over its environment and of individuals over each other. Suggests that ignoring the desire for power and influence or…


Theoretical considerations of employee empowerment within computer integrated manufacturing production

Anne Marie McEwan, Peter Sackett

Global business pressures have forced manufacturers to restructure design and production processes, adopting radically different management practices to gain competitive…



This article has been withdrawn as it was published elsewhere and accidentally duplicated. The original article can be seen here: 10.1108/13620439610367252. When citing…


Participant characteristics and organizational processes: a Hong Kong case study.

Cecil A.L. Pearson, Samir R. Chatterjee

Explores relationships between relevant work setting variables in a Hong Kong organization. The study examined a set of Western assumptions in terms of structural…




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1993 – 1998

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