Empowerment in Organizations: Volume 5 Issue 1


Table of contents

Toward a participative organizational culture: evolution or revolution?

Brigid L. Bechtold

Explores how organizational culture is created, how it impacts and is impacted by the business, and how inclusion and participation become cultural norms. Discusses…


Requisite conditions for team empowerment

David X. Swenson

Macro change drivers like global competition, information and technology innovations, and demographic shifts have required organizations to rethink their structures and…


Empowerment in work and welfare: a comparison between employment issues and human services practices

Joanne C. Neher, Samuel M. Natale

The concept of empowerment is very familiar to the human services world where the goal is to empower clients to manage their own lives as much as possible. In the…


Organizations and turbulence

Linda S. Wing

Discusses the velocity and depth of change occurring in our society at the turn of this century, and the importance of inclusion and participation of individuals as a…


Empowering self‐study learning through evaluation

Jenni Gilleard

Evaluation is becoming increasingly important as companies seek to measure performance improvement as a result of training initiatives. Describes the introduction of an…



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