Empowerment in Organizations: Volume 3 Issue 4


Table of contents

Teacher empowerment and the implementation of school‐based reform

Ronald H. Heck, Paul R. Brandon

As increasing concern has been given to reshaping teaching andlearning processes in schools, empowering teachers has become animportant means of implementing school…


Empowering middle managers in public education

Naftaly S. Glasman

Reports on two sets of perceptions which public school principalshave about empowerment. One set involves the recent expansion ofresponsibilities delegated to principals…


K‐12 education for empowerment: beyond the mental/manual divide to a US technician class?

Lee Hanson

Empowering the American economy requires creating a world‐classK‐12 (primary and secondary) education system, because K‐12 is whereyouth learn the skills essential to…


Empowerment for the year 2000 and beyond

Nick Nykodym, Sonny S. Ariss, Jack L. Simonetti, Jean Plotner

Analyzes recent thought relating to the forced restructuring ofbusinesses. In general, businesses are unable to compete in the newglobal environment in their present state…




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1993 – 1998

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