Empowerment in Organizations: Volume 3 Issue 2


Table of contents

Getting empowerment into perspective: a three‐stage training framework

John Nicholls

Empowerment is a powerful concept that is in danger of beingdebased by over‐hyping. It is important to realize that empowerment is aslowly‐created state of mind, rather…


New designs of work groups: applications of empowerment

Jeff S. Margulies, Brian H. Kleiner

Examines new developments in work group design. Autonomous workgroups, also called self‐regulated work groups or self‐managing workteams, have been described as…


Culture′s consequences: organizational values, satisfaction and performance

Ronald J. Burke

Examines work outcome correlates of cultural values in a largeprofessional services firm interested in improving its effectiveness.Data were collected from 1,608 women and…


Rooting for empowerment?

David Collins

Quality, flexibility, and commitment are the buzz‐words ofmanagement strategy and reflect many of the goals currently sought inbusiness. In order to contribute to these…


Supporting empowerment with Deming′s PDSA cycle

Barbara A. Cleary

The theory, process, and tools that are known collectively as“total quality management” offer ways in which empowermentof employees can support an organization′s efforts…




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1993 – 1998

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