Training for Quality: Volume 4 Issue 1


Managing Quality

Table of contents

Empowered customer service

Sarah Cook, Steve Macaulay

Discusses the characteristics of an empowered organization and what has led to the increasing popularity of empowerment. Asks whether it is simply empty management…

New developments in training teams effectively

Mark Switzer, Brian H. Kleiner

Highlights some of the new techniques being implemented across the USA in the area of team training. Some are revolutionary but some are just fine tuning on already…

Utilizing ISO 9002 and IIP to maximize quality and profitability

Robin Hamilton

Considers the Investors in People programme and the quality standard ISO 9002 and suggests that many companies approach these standards in an exclusive manner, seeking…

A model of service quality for training

Les Galloway, Sam Ho

Defining “quality” can be confusing. There are numerous possible interpretations, especially in the service sector. Despite this, quality is seen as a major factor in…

Simulation for training in quality control

Jim Freeman, Nikolaos Evangeliou

Demonstrates the training value of a new computer‐aided learning package, SQCC_ATT. Control charts are used extensively in quality management, and computer simulation…

Re‐engineering: using the customer as a unifying factor

D. Keith Denton

Looks at how companies can go about creating a competitive culture using American Express as an example. Provides details of their programme, including their focus of…

Small firms and ISO 9000

Richard Collyer

Provides guidance for small firms contemplating implementing ISO 9000. Suggests that any programme aimed at small firms must be specific to requirements and not simply…

Our bridge to world class: PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia’s total quality management practice

Baihaki H. Hakim

Reports on PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia’s journey towards total quality management; a journey which began in 1985. Details the various steps the company has taken and…



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