Training for Quality: Volume 3 Issue 1


Table of contents

TQM – what isn’t it?

Jon Choppin

Focuses on the principles of total quality management. Studies thecommon features of non‐TQM organizations, before presenting theprinciples. Ends with a method of cascading…


Development of a simple model for analysis of quality

Mabel Blades

A simple model for quality has been developed. Provides a frameworkfor both analysis and education on quality issues, and focuses on themain features of total quality management…


Keys to successful TQM training and implementation

Ronald P. Anjard

Questions whether total quality management is another fad or isfundamental to success. Shows it is not a panacea for the“ills” of a business and does not provide the “magicpill”…


The implications of customer service initiatives for human resources professionals

Steve Macaulay, Sarah Cook

Outlines the benefits to the organization of enhancing customerservice with the support of human resources specialists, who can play animportant role in developing and reinforcing…


Total quality education for superior performance

Mohamed Zairi

Total quality management continues to spread in industry andcommerce on a global basis. Despite the various levels of scepticism anddoubt expressed on its potential to lead to…


Training quality through an education partnership

Gerald Vinten

The aim of cultivating closer links between education and businesshas become the accepted wisdom and practice in the UK over more than thepast decade. With delayering resulting in…




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