Librarian Career Development: Volume 3 Issue 1


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Get that job – an introduction

Susan Jean Hill

Serves as an introduction to a regular future series of articles.Outlines the changes in the job market and the current situation, andsets the scene for librarians who are job…


International library staff exchanges: how do you organize them, and do they do you any good?

Tony Kidd

Although international staff exchanges among librarians have grownin number in recent years, they are still relatively rare. Outlines asurvey of British university libraries…


Training and career development at the National Library of Wales: some trends over 25 years

Richard Eynon Huws

The National Library of Wales can be rightly proud of itscommitment to staff training and development. Since the inception offormal library education in Wales in 1964, it has…


Planning your total career and life portfolio – part II: a group process experience for developing personal and career focus – a case study

Jay J. Zajas

Provides a case study of a group process experience for personalgrowth and career development. A small group of adults meets under thesupervision of their leader and co‐leader for…


The doctorate: a possible continuing professional development route for library and information service practitioners

Mike Freeman

Outlines the possibility and desirability of LIS practitionersundertaking research for a doctorate (PhD) as a career developmentroute. Explores the likelihood of a Doctorate in…


The Library Association′s new Training Guides Series: an introduction by the series editor

David Baker

Written by the series editor, gives an historical overview of theLibrary Training Guides Series, of which the eighth series has just beenpublished. There is a subject‐based…


Taking a stand: the market realities of exhibition and display work

Marigold Cleeve

Outlines the potential of exhibition and display work in terms ofmarketing a library′s services. Describes how to plan a display project,and highlights some of the trouble spots…




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