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Predictors and mediators of sustainable collaboration and implementation in comprehensive school health promotion

Katharina K. Pucher, Math J.J.M. Candel, Nicole M.W.M. Boot, Nanne K. de Vries

The Diagnosis of Sustainable Collaboration (DISC) model (Leurs et al., 2008) specifies five factors (i.e. project management, change management, context, external factors, and…


Occupational well-being and leadership in a school community

Sari Laine, Terhi Saaranen, Eva Ryhänen, Kerttu Tossavainen

The purpose of this paper is to present well-being, leadership, and the development of each from a communal perspective in a Finnish primary school in the years 2000-2009.

Evaluation of an online “teachable moment” dietary intervention

Leah Marks, Jane Ogden

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate an online “teachable moment” intervention to promote healthy eating for overweight and food intolerance symptoms.

A conceptual physical education course and college freshmen’s health-related fitness

Jingwen Liu, Rulan Shangguan, Xiaofen D. Keating, Jessica Leitner, Yigang Wu

Conceptual physical education (CPE) classes have been widely offered to promote a healthy lifestyle in higher education settings. The purpose of this paper is to examine the…

Social marketing interventions aiming to increase physical activity among adults: A systematic review

Krzysztof Kubacki, Rimante Ronto, Ville Lahtinen, Bo Pang, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

A significant proportion of the world’s adult population is insufficiently active. One approach used to overcome barriers and facilitate participation in physical activity is…


How the media cover mental illnesses: a review

Zexin Ma

Mental illness has become an important public health issue in society, and media are the most common sources of information about mental illnesses. Thus, it is important to review…


A multiple case study based on action-oriented sexuality education: Perspectives of the Portuguese teachers

Teresa Vilaça

The purpose of this paper is to discuss teachers’ practices, barriers and facilitating factors associated with a regional school-based action-oriented sexuality education (SE…

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