Management Development Review: Volume 7 Issue 4


Table of contents

Upstream Thinking in Management

Martin Wood

Draws attention to the need for managers to re‐examine the dominantworld view paradigm within which managing currently takes place. Usesthe analogy of a salmon struggling up river…


Towards Self‐managed Appraisal

Mike Bell

Recounts the experiences of a line manager and consultant, and hisattempts to transform performance appraisal for the benefit of theindividual, manager and organization. Describes…


Tools for a Learning Organization

Michael Pearn

Reviews the development of the concept of the learning organization, anddescribes a project which developed a range of practical tools to beused by trainers and line managers in…


Blocks to Better Management

Tony Ball

Provides a commentary on the inadequacy of verbal communication betweenmanagers, suggesting that this fosters distrust throughout theorganization. Advocates the need for a new…


Rational Decision Making: Myth or Reality?

Loizos Th. Heracleous

Considers the “rational” decision‐making model and argues that it neitherdescribes actual decision‐making processes nor can be used as anadequate guide to effective decision…


How to Be a Good Coach

Tom Barry

Argues that the survival and success of organizations today depends notonly on devolving responsibility to individual employees, but also onthe ability of managers to change their…


A Survivor′s Guide to Workflow

Veronica Brunwin

Describes the new generation of computerized workflow systems – byautomating the flow of documents and procedures throughout anorganization, they can increase the accuracy of…


Why Do Employers Train?: Employment Department Skills and Enterprise Network

Drawing on the findings of an Employment Department survey, considershow the desire for new skills has affected training. Finds a markeddifference in performance between committed…


Management Development in East Anglia

Michael Quayle

Establishes the level, range and scope of current management education,training and development (METD) activity in small and medium‐sizedenterprises and identifies good practice…




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1992 – 1997

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