Management Development Review: Volume 10 Issue 1


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Planning for a leaner, fitter company

The word “downsizing” is most often used as a euphemism for cutting the workforce, here, however, makes the distinction between downsizing and “laying people off”. Suggests that…


Why it pays to pay attention to people

Experts in organizational change and reengineering estimate that only 30‐35 percent of projects are successful. One commentator has suggested that around $20 billion of the $32…


Making the most of machines: the human factor

If the company’s investment in new technology is fully to succeed, it must serve real business needs. Much of the costly abuse which has characterized the introduction of a large…


Lessons in leadership

What does it take to lead a company which is learning to change and changing to learn? Discusses the practices and principles of proven leaders from firms such as PepsiCo, Tata…


Ameritech rings the changes

As the speed of change in the business world continues to increase, it is clear that few companies can afford to slow the momentum of continuous transformation merely to give…


Change on the menu at Quaker Oats

When advances by competitors and rising price‐consciousness from consumers intensified the battle for market share, the Quaker Oats company reacted by striving to create a high…


What do HR departments do?

What does your human resources department do? More particularly, what should it be doing? A recent survey of more than 1,000 human resources and employee relations executives in…



This article has been withdrawn as it was published elsewhere and accidentally duplicated. The original article can be seen here: 10.1108/02632779710795456. When citing the…


Going green is good for business … and for HR staff

The environmental role of personnel managers has, by and large, been confined to making sure that companies comply with environmental legislation. However, there are growing signs…


Job cutting, Japanese style

Spurred by recession, major Japanese corporations have reduced their workforces, introduced merit pay and performance appraisal, abolished promotion on seniority and moved…


Is your human resource team at the heart of the action?

Business faces a set of critical human problems, and is downgrading the very human resource departments which are supposed to help it to find solutions. Argues that salvation lies…


Fifteen steps to a complete human resource program

Almost everyone agrees that human resources will play a key role in company success in the next century, but too few firms take a systematic approach to human resource planning…


Take‐off from human resource reform at Boeing

Booming on the surface, US planemaker Boeing is a company in transition. Its jets represented two‐thirds of the dollar value of all commercial airplanes ordered last year. Its…


McDonald’s serves up HR success … in 91 countries around the world

What is the McDonald’s recipe for international success? Describes how the company translates its winning human resource practices into many different cultural settings.


Redundant employees who turn up for work every day

A company’s “core” workers in Japan can still expect jobs for life, but recession has brought an end to automatic progression up the corporation’s hierarchy. The result is a…




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