Journal of Property Valuation and Investment: Volume 9 Issue 3


Table of contents

The Property Market in a Changing World Economy

Colin Lizieri

Consider the post‐Fordism/flexible specialisation hypothesis.Examines how it can shed light on future changes in the propertyindustry. Concludes that changes in the global…

Predicting Regional Office Rents Using Habit‐persistence Theories

Chris Gardiner, John Henneberry

Develops a habit‐persistence model which is based on the assumptionthat experience conditions present behaviour and expectations. Notesthat the model combines the adaptive…

The Uniform Business Rate: Some Economic Effects

Douglas Mair

Uses input‐output tables to quantify the effect of business rateson consumers′ expenditure, exports, investment and governmentconsumption. Updates data from the 1979…

Property Futures

Andrew Baum

Discusses the attractions of property to institutional investors.Describes the evolution of future markets from forward contracts incommodity markets and financial and…

Valuation of Restaurants

Leslie Aarons

Considers the close regard that must be paid to the legal frameworkwithin which restaurants must operate, particularly town planning,licensing and other statutory…

The Statements of Asset Valuation and Guidance Notes (The Red Book)

Andrew Cherry

Describes the third edition of the Red Book. Notes that it is nowmandatory for valuers undertaking certain types of asset valuation tostate whether or not they have…



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