Journal of Property Valuation and Investment: Volume 9 Issue 1


Table of contents

Valuation of Varying Profit Rents – Part 1

Norman J. Harker, Nanda Nanthakumaran, Simon Rogers

Reconsiders the double sinking fund problem by looking at each ofthe common methods used. Investigates the underlying assumptions and theresidual errors or…

Confidence Intervals to Establish Horizontal Equity in Valuations

William A. Donnelly

Illustrates a practical method for evaluating horizontal equity inproperty valuations using confidence intervals through the use of anindicator variable. Concludes that…

Are Property Values Being Adversely Affected by Crime?

Andrew J. Buck, Simon Hakim

Examines the nexus of economic development, induced crime andproperty values focused on casino gambling introduced to Atlantic City,New Jersey. Uses econometric techniques…

Valuations for Mortgage Purposes

Peter Moreton

Takes a practical look at what is expected of a mortgage valuationand the main problem areas when it comes to claims. Discusses thedifference between valuation and survey…

The Valuation Profession in France

Frances Plimmer, Stuart Gronow

Outlines the nature of the valuation work undertaken by valuers inFrance, the personnel involved and their professional education andtraining. Describes the three main…

Discounted Cashflows

David Martin

Notes the suggestions that surveyors and valuers should changetheir methodology to make explicit assumptions about inflation, growthrates and yield movement. Reports on…

The French Property Investment Market

Samantha Welsh

Discusses the context for French property investment. Shows how ithas evolved as a result of social, economic and political forces.Considers investment media, investment…



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