Journal of Property Valuation and Investment: Volume 16 Issue 4


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Unsmoothing property returns with the implied cointegration relationship

Peijie Wang

The paper proposes a multivariate approach to unsmoothing the valuation‐based property return indices, utilising information embedded in other variables implied by their…

Efficient management of public sector assets The call for correct evaluation criteria and techniques

Sandy Bond, Peter Dent

Research undertaken by the authors over the last two years has revealed a number of problems in valuing non‐market, non‐investment properties in the public sector. The…

Treatment of uncertainty in appraisals of commercial properties Some evidence from Sweden

Mats Ekelid, Hans Lind, Stellan Lundström, Erik Persson

The article is based on a study of 100 appraisal reports from the period 1980‐1996, covering a full property cycle. A number of aspects related to uncertainty were…

The effects of improvement in public transportation capacity on residential price gradient in Hong Kong

K.W. Chau, F.F. Ng

Modernization of a railway line connecting the urban and sub‐urban areas will normally result in a shift of the population from urban to suburban areas. This will affect…

Office occupier demand reflected by the Birmingham market

Peter Dent, Alan White

Occupiers of offices in Birmingham are faced with four main problem areas: organisation evolution; location; new working practices; and availability of office supply. This…



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