Journal of Property Valuation and Investment: Volume 16 Issue 2


Built Environment

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Clustering retailers by store space requirements: Comparable evidence, retail function and rental value

Brenna O’Roarty, Stanley McGreal, Alastair Adair

This paper utilises cluster analytical techniques to examine the relationship between store space requirements, micro‐style property selection and retail function…

Transport investment and house prices

John Henneberry

The paper describes the use of hedonic analysis to examine the impact of the South Yorkshire Supertram on house prices in Sheffield. The approach was distinguished by the…

The definition of market value: Criteria for judging proposed definitions and an analysis of three controversial components

Hans Lind

A weakness in most discussions about definitions of market value is that no explicit criteria for judging whether a definition is good or bad are presented. In this…

Money illusion in consumer perception of housing transactions

John Raftery, Goran Runeson

Money illusion is a bias in the assessment of the real value of economic transactions, induced by their nominal evaluation. By definition, money illusion may only be…

The natural history of professionalisation and its effects on valuation theory and practice in the UK and Germany

John F.W. Morgan

Professions have evolved in contrasting ways in different countries, although this has only recently been recognised by sociologists, who long had an Anglo‐American bias…



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