Journal of Property Valuation and Investment: Volume 16 Issue 1


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Property investment for UK pension funds post‐MFR

Robert Ashurst, Gerald Blundell, Philip Booth, Martin Cumberworth, Glynn Griffiths, Guy Morrell

This paper considers the impact of the recent minimum funding legislation on UK Pension Funds and how this may change the way in which property investment is regarded. The…

An ex post comparative evaluation of office rent prediction models

Russell Chaplin

Commercial property is regarded by many as functioning in a relatively inefficient market, so that opportunities exist to earn abnormal gains through the exploitation of…

Diversification by sector, region or function? A mean absolute deviation optimisation

Stephen Lee, Peter Byrne

This study utilises a large sector‐regional real estate data set, based on actual properties in more than 187 locations in the UK over the period 1981‐1995. This is…

Neural networks: the prediction of residential values

Stanley McGreal, Alastair Adair, Dylan McBurney, David Patterson

The potential application of data mining techniques in the extraction of information from property data sets is discussed. Particular interest is focused upon neural…

Estimated realisation price (ERP) by neural networks: forecasting commercial property values

Owen Connellan, Howard James

This work shows that it is possible to link various economic and property attributes to the value of a commercial property over time in a particular market, and arrive at…

A database of negligent valuation cases and literature

Henry Foster, Anthony Lavers

This paper forms part of a larger funded research project conducted jointly by the University of Reading and Oxford Brookes University. The purpose of the project was an…

A national valuation evidence database: the future of valuation data provision

S. Rowley, P. Fisher

This article discusses the future of property valuation data provision by examining a new data initiative designed to increase valuation data availability known as a…



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