Journal of Property Valuation and Investment: Volume 14 Issue 5


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ACADEMIC PAPERS: Are real estate and securities markets integrated? Some Australian evidence

Patrick Wilson, John Okunev, Guy Ta

Conventionally, between 5 and 20 per cent of a portfolio is invested in real estate. Whether this is prudent diversification or not depends on whether property and other…

Unit selection and the sales comparison approach

Donald Moliver, Jess Boronico

Reports the results of an empirical investigation conducted for the purposes of exploring the issue of unit selection and the sales comparison approach. The proximate…

An analysis of valuation variation in the UK commercial property market: Hager and Lord revisited

Alastair Adair, Norman Hutchison, Bryan MacGregor, Stanley McGreal, Nanda Nanthakumaran

Addresses the issue of valuation variation. The fundamental research question is to establish the range of valuations which a group of qualified valuers operating in the…

PRACTICE PAPER: Investment valuation Developments from the Mallinson Report

Nick French

Following the publication of the Mallinson Report in March 1994, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors undertook a survey of Valuation Practice in the UK in…

EUROPEAN PAPER: Diversification of Swiss portfolios with real estate, Results based on a hedonic index

Martin Hoesli, Foort Hamelink

Aims to re‐examine the role that can be played by real estate in Swiss mixed‐asset portfolios. For this purpose, constructs a constant quality price index for apartment…



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