Journal of Property Valuation and Investment: Volume 14 Issue 3


Table of contents

Role of valuations in major development projects

John Robinson

The BC Buildings Corporation was created in 1977 as the successor to the Ministry of Public Works in the province of British Columbia. Over 22 million square feet of…

Comparing net with gross rents

Patrick Rowland

In some circumstances, property valuers (appraisers) must compare net and gross rents. Suggests a number of ways in which this can be done and describes the difficulties…

The valuation of retail property in Australia

Alan Millington

Presents theoretical and methodological considerations and techniques which bear directly on the valuation of retail properties in Australia and, to lesser extents, the UK…

Discounted cash flow analysis in property investment valuations

Rohit Kishore

Employs discounted cash flow analysis as a valid method for valuing future cash flows from property investments. The method has regard to the market participants 

The adequacy of property tax valuation procedures

Kelvin Cooper, Philip Western

Reviews some of the more significant changes to the processes of district revaluations and valuation roll maintenance in New Zealand, in particular the influence of…



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Journal of Valuation

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